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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  March 6, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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looked for 1144. georgia, tennessee and massachusetts are big prizes but ohio is the race to watch tonight. it's too close to call in ohio. cbs news has called some states. let's look at the ones they have decided. newt gingrich as predicted has won the georgia primary. big news for newt gingrich in his home state. romney took the virginia primary. he and ron paul weren't on the ballot there. mitt romney take the vermont primary so two big wins for mitt romney. everyone taking a look at ohio today. it's a key swing state offering a microcosm. overall voters because it has a mix of rural and urban voters moderates and conservatives.
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santorum had a lead here earlier. but could he hold off the surge? ohio is a bellwether state for the general election. no republican won the white house without first winning ohio. that's why the state is so important and that's why people are watching it so closely. only mitt romney is in massachusetts. newt gingrich is spending his super tuesday in georgia where we just said he has won. as for ron paul, he is concentrating on the caucus states, idaho, alaska and north dakota. north dakota is where he is hoping to pick up his first win. a lot is at stake. a strong performance in states like ohio and tennessee and georgia could help mitt romney to move from front-runner to presumptive nominee. santorum hoping to keep pace with him. he hopes to remain in the top tier. if he comes up short in tennessee he will have a slot
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of explaining to do about why his conservative message didn't resonate with voterss there. it's been a crazy race. >> we'll check back in later for up-to-the-minute results and we are updating results live on on this super tuesday president obama addressed some of the issues republicans have been battled over. he talked about the situation in syria and accused republicans for beating war drums. >> those folks don't have
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responsibilities. they are not commander-in- chief. i'm reminded of the decision that i have to make in terms of sending our young men and women into battle. >> the president said we'll be out of afghanistan by 21stcentury. protests against israeli president shimon peres who says he is here to promote peace. mark sayre shows us how he is turning to the power of social networking to do just that. >> reporter: the president of israel spent most of the day in silicon valley and says technology can solve the world's problems. shimon peres began his second day in the bay area at
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facebook in menlo park where he launched his official presidential facebook page. peres credited the social network as a way for people to bypass the failed efforts of governments to seek peace. he also touched on the political tensions with iran. >> i have nothing against iranians. the iranians have a history and rich culture. i don't feel any hate to them. but they are after us. this small group of terror, of hatred, of killing, is the great story of iran. >> reporter: peres then moved to lunch with silicon valley venture capitalists or vcs as they're called. >> and shimon unlike most people is deeply plugged into the future of the kinds of things that ventura capitalists do. >> reporter: joe organized the event and says peres sees a link between technology and peace. >> one of the serious impediments to peace in the middle east was a simple thing
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like water. and he held out hope that with new forms of energy and new forms of nanotechnology, we would have a breakthrough in desalinization. >> reporter: the vcs also say israel is entrenched with technology and has its own high- tech culture. >> israel is noted because many of their entrepreneurs served in the military and frequently were trained in technology in the military or in the intelligence community. >> reporter: after his address here tonight, tomorrow president shimon peres will attend a conference of tech startups. reporting live in san francisco, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, in the east bay, 250 marijuana plants are found inside this home that caught fire in pinole today. the fire started just before dawn at the home on ramona street near lucas avenue. police say the illegal grow operation's street value is $750,000. in the south bay, fire investigators are trying to
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determine what started the fire that destroyed this home in campbell this morning. firefighters rescued a dog and rabbit from the home near campbell avenue. no reports of injuries. and in san francisco, a kindergartener is in the hospital after an suv hit her while she was on her way to school. the 5-year-old was walking to redding elementary school with her mother this morning in an alley across the street when the suv hit her. the girl is in serious condition. san jose mayor chuck reed says it's now or never. today leaders of the cash- strapped city gathered to vote on pension reforms that would appear on the june ballot. len ramirez is live with the desperate plea from city employees to preserve their retirement funds. len. >> reporter: that's right, a very loud and long city council meeting just wrapped up here at city hall with a big victory for mayor chuck reed. the city council voting 8-3 in support of reed's proposal to put pension reform on the june ballot.
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>> we still provided excellent service. >> reporter: the city council chambers were jam-packed mostly with city workers. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: many of them sending silent messages to a majority of the city council whose minds seemed already made up to support mayor chuck reed's push to put pension reform on the june ballot. >> the costs have gone up 400%. there is no arguing that. >> reporter: but workers say the city would be reversing labor agreements made years ago. >> what you guys have done it me is thrown me under a bus. >> reporter: and unions representing 5,000 employees still want to negotiate a settlement. >> essentially you had the city who has refused to communicate with employees refused to bargain in good faith, refused to find solutions problems but, rather, they came up with the solution before the problems were even discussed. >> reporter: at issue are the rising costs to pay workers' retirement benefits. $73million a decade ago, $245 million this year according to the mayor. to pay the bills, the city had
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to lay off police and firefighters and closed city libraries and community centers. the mayor says it's now or never to control the costs. >> there is a time to act. to give the people of san jose an opportunity to make the decision of whether or not we should continue draining money from services and pouring them into retirement benefits or make some changes to bring down the costs. >> reporter: but critics say the mayor's plan will only cause unions to file lawsuits. >> choosing a very adversarial position that causes us to have to go to the courts that has an uncertain ending and that causes us to not get anything accomplished in the meantime. >> reporter: and once again the late-breaking news here in san jose, pension reform will be on the june ballot here in san jose. a ballot measure that unions say is illegal so look for them to file suit just about as soon as the courts open tomorrow morning. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. we're following late investments in the sheriff ross mirkarimi domestic abuse trial. joe vazquez is live from
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outside the courthouse where in just the last hour a ruling has been handed down on the future of this trial. joe. >> reporter: elizabeth, just a few moments ago, the appeals court issued a stay in the mirkarimi trial. that means that the entire trial is on hold right now. they can't do jury selection. they can't move forward. that's because the appeals court says it wants to take a closer look at the issue of attorney/client privilege and whether a key piece of evidence should be seen by the jury. the video shot by a neighbor clearly shows bruises on the arm of the sheriff's wife. but it's still not clear whether it will be allowed to be shown at the trial. the appeals court has put the evidence on hold and in fact has ordered the video not to be shown to a jury yet while it decides the issue of attorney/client privilege. >> she was speaking to madison as her attorney. >> reporter: eliana lopez's attorney says she wants the video and all evidence related to that neighbor thrown out. she says the sheriff's wife believed she was speaking in confidence to an attorney when she showed the bruises and
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tearfully blamed her husband for causing them. that neighbor, ivory madison, happens to be a law school graduate but the fact is she has never passed the bar or practiced law. >> in venezuela where my client is from, to become an attorney, you go to law school. >> the real violence here is against me. >> on madison's website, she says jurist doctor trained as an attorney. i think any reasonable person would think that that's what the person is. >> you don't have an attorney/client privilege just because someone's a lawyer. you have to be approaching them for legal advice. if she is just saying i want to talk to a friend, i want, you know, my neighbor to individual me tape me to preserve some evidence that's not an attorney/client privilege. >> reporter: since eliana lopez isn't on trial, the trial judge had already decided she can't even claim attorney/client privilege. so the appeals court has decided that in fact, they want to hear from both sides by thursday and you can expect a
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decision on that key evidence soon thereafter. reporting live, joe vazquez, cbs 5. strong winds ablowing across the bay area tonight. this is what it look like just before noon from chopper 5 over the salt ponds in fremont. you can see the winds causing white caps on the water. and they are also dealing with strong winds east of the bay area. trees crashed into parked cars in stockton. plus in-flight disturbance, how a fight about nail polish landed one passenger in jail. that's coming up. [ pause ]
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before. researchers at u-c berkeley say the cell phone law is saving lives. despite what you might see on the road drivers aren't talking on texting as much as before. research yours at uc-berkeley say the -- researchers at uc- berkeley say the cell phone law is saving lives. ann notarangelo on the numbers to back up the findings. >> reporter: clearly, people are still breaking the law but this new study says this ban on
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hand-held cell phones while driving is effective. we see it all the time, one hand on the phone, one hand on the wheel, but it's been 4 years since it's been banned in california. >> the first day the law came out i stopped it. no way. >> reporter: did it make you a safer driver? >> definitely. definitely. no distractions. >> reporter: a university of california berkeley study finds the law is having an impact. overall traffic deaths have dropped 20% since the law went into effect. hand-held cell phone driving deaths are down 47%. >> so if we could reduce cell phone use while driving, even more, we could reduce deaths and injuries even more. >> i see people still talking and driving erratically. >> reporter: people still do it. but violators are getting caught in increasing numbers. the dmv says there's been a steady increase in cell phone
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driving convictions. more than 460,000 last year compared to 360,000 the year before and 301,000 convictions in 2009. >> occasionally i'll do a quick call but it's very briefly and before the law, i definitely found myself using the phone. >> reporter: it seems as if this behavior is slowly going the way of drunk driving and not wearing a seatbelt. it's becoming socially unacceptable for this type of distracted driving. >> i think, you know, in like five years it will seem like socially not something that's okay to do. >> reporter: and so the chp has declared april distracted driving month. that means there will be an ad campaign reminding us about the law and will be additional enforcement. they are going after violators and ticketing them. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. >> it's a story you have to see to believe. nail polish lands a woman in
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jail. what she did on a flight that ended with her in handcuffs. it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. real life technology sending tiny medical devices through your bloodstream to save lives.
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romney is already celebrating a r tuesday" victories. let's go live to boston
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where former massachusetts governor mitt romney is already celebrating a trio super tuesday victory. while rick santorum is putting up a good fight in some key battlegrounds like ohio, he is there tonight hoping to throw off romney's momentum with a win in the crucial state. grace lee is back here with the very latest. . as you mentioned, several of tonight's races have been called in the last few minutes since we have begun this newscast. cbs news projects that mitt romney has won his home state of massachusetts. he also takes the state next door vermont. and he is getting another big check for victory in virginia. only he and ron paul were on the ballot there. so no huge surprise so far. also, no big surprise here. newt gingrich winning his home state of georgia. this really breathe thing new life into campaign. he needed that win to continue his campaign. let's get the latest numbers in the two tightest races. right now, on to ohio.
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we do have some projected numbers. or mitt romney is the promised winner in virginia. up next, we have... [ pause ] we are getting numbers from tennessee where rick santorum has had a slight edge there. but, you know, these numbers are really just come in now, elizabeth and it's really early. we can really only call some of the eastern states. we are still too to close in the billing state of ohio where we have been looking very closely to see what those numbers are going to be in the big state of ohio in rick santorum or mitt romney comes out on top. so we'll be following it throughout the evening. >> thank you. stay with cbs evening news and cbs eyewitness news at 6:00 for the latest on super tuesday. we are going to continue to update the latest results online at a triple whammy caused stocks to take a slide today. bad news on global growth, high oil prices and concern over greece causing investors to sell stock. the dow dropped more than 200 points while the nasdaq and
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the s&p each tumbled more than 1%. a possible break at the pump. national gas prices dropped for the first time in 27 days. the national average for regular unleaded slipped less than a penny to $3.76. that's still 5 cents more than a week ago. and california we're still paying more than everyone else. the recent arrest of a southern california woman is being blamed on an argument over nail polish. last week, jeannie daniels was flying from california to houston on southwest airlines. during the flight she began painting her fingernails. but was soon asked to stop because of the smell. that's when she says she went to the bathroom. >> i discovered i only had two nails left to paint i thought if i went to the bathroom and did it, it wouldn't offend anyone. >> after leaving the bathroom she says another flight attendant got into an verbal confrontation with her. houston police arrested her after the plane landed for cursing at the southwest
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employee. a judge later dismissed the charges. that was after daniels spent 10 hours in jail. caught on camera. a snowmobiler in utah set off an avalanche burying him 10 feet under snow for 20 minutes. the video shows his friends digging frantically to get him out. amazingly, he had just a banged-up knee. roberta, no avalanches here in the bay area. but we had a lot of wind. >> it was extremely lucky on this particular occasion he was not wearing one of those avalanche beacons. so he was extremely lucky. we still have snow falling in the high sierra. good evening, everybody. let's head outside and one notable feature with the passage of a cold front, the crystal clear wind-swept skies as we take a look towards the mount vaca area. current air numbers in the low 50s. but when you factor in the wind gusts currently, up to 40 miles per hour livermore also in concord, sfo, mountain
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view, it feels very raw for the evening commute. some of the strongest wind gusts towards mount diablo you see the tree behind me here still way offering a bit. inverness with a wind gust up to 62 miles per hour. livermore at 52. ocean beach 45. and morgan hill at 27. this blue highlighted area signifies where we still have the wind advisory in effect until midnight tonight. you can still anticipate some of the wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour but then... the winds die down and that's when the cold air mass just makes the temperatures plummet below freezing in santa rosa. the tri-valley. the delta. 37 degrees overnight in mountain view. we're not anticipating any freeze warnings except in the salinas valley. otherwise, high pressure is going to nestle in with the passage of the front and the end result, it's going to pan out to be a sunny and warmer day for your wednesday after a very frosty morning commute. and then the extended forecast, i got the seven-day forecast coming up but first things first let's pinpoint your forecast upper 50s at the
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beaches. 60s around the bay and that's pretty much where we should be this time of the year. average high in livermore more 67, forecasting low 60s but we'll get to the seasonal readings. there you have it, by wednesday. thursday it looks like even warmer conditions actually and then friday we'll pan out to be the warmest day of the workweek. and then the weather becomes unsettled each day from saturday all the way through tuesday. my best bet right now is that rain is likely on monday. and if we can just kick the storm door open one more time then we may see an unsettled weather pattern next week. >> okay. we'll see. >> here's hoping. >> thank you. well, sounds like science fiction. the new cutting edge technology sending microscopic medical teams through your bloodstream to fix a life- threatening condition.
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lifethreatening condition -- sounds like science fiction, right? dr. kim mulvi microscopic medical teams traveling through your bloodstream to fix a life- threatening condition. sounds like science fiction.
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dr. kim mulvihill explains how we are getting closer to the real thing. >> the most incredible adventure that man could ever achieve! >> reporter: the 1966 movie "fantastic voyage" a submarine full of scientists is shrunken to microscopic size and injected into the bloodstream of a seriously wounded diplomat. 46 years later the idea sounds less farfetched. >> we did it. >> reporter: in this lab at stanford, engineers are perfecting their fantastic voyage. >> i know we can make it smaller. >> reporter: the professor says smaller is the name of the game. >> if in this project for more than four years so we encounter a lot of obstacles on the way and then we solve them one by one. >> reporter: instead of a battery which takes up lots of space, this device is powered wirelessly with electromagnetic radiowaves. >> the prototype is three mill meters by four millimeters. you can see here we have a 2
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by 2 receiving antenna. >> reporter: a new class of medical devices is so small they can travel through the bloodstream. >> we can go to the arteries the size could go through the arteries but we are -- we want to even go through some smaller blood streams. >> reporter: the tiny devices may one day change how we perform diagnostic tests, deliver medications, even do surgical procedures. >> this is only the first step. we still have a long way to go in order to realize this fantastic voyage. >> reporter: now, it's not yet ready for testing. they hope to shrink it further so it can fit into a needle and be injected directly into a blood vessel. they want though make it biodegradable so they don't have to worry about removing the device. >> incredible. thank you. we'll be right back.
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it cost taxpayers millions. why a brand- new carpool lane in the east bay may have to be torn up, and i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. it costs taxpayers millions. why a brand-new carpool lane in the east bay may have to be torn up and moved. plus, careful what you post. how students' facebook profiles can ruin their college dreams. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> all right. see you then, dane. >> i tell my son that all the time. watch what you post. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. and remember, the latest news and weather -- [ laughter ] >> -- is


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